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Decals and Bumperstickers

Promote your Italian pride by displaying decals on your car or window. We carry a very nice selection of both generic and regional decals. Most are colorful and durable. Be proud to be Italian!

Italian Playing Cards

The cards we carry can be used for a variety of Italian games. They are regional and beautifully made.

Italian Quip Coffee Mugs

Great gifts for yourself or anyone who is proud of their Italian heritage. The mugs are a bold statement of who you are and let's the world know where you are from. A fun and whimsical way to display your Italian pride!


We carry a huge assortment of Italian keychains. The horns and hunchbacks bring good luck and the keychain is an easy way to keep luck with you at all times! The golden boots of Italy are absolutely beautiful. The whimsical oval keychains contain dozens of cute Italian sayings. The nicesgt people have a root in the boot!

Signs and Posters

Flags and Banners

The flag is a symbol of pride and affection for Italy. Made from nylon, cotton or muslin, they are fun to take to soccer games or bring to your Italian club meetings. Display your Italian heritage on your desk. We even carry some large enough to fly on a flagpole.


The patches can be sewn on jackets and hats. Colorful reminders of your Italian heritage. Display your pride!

Pens and Pencils

The moving scene pens from Italy are regional. Call us toll free at 800-507-0450 and we can let you know what is available; Sicily, Milan, Venezia, Roma, Bari... These retro pens are really quite whimsical and will provide hours of enjoyment!
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