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Amaretti is the Italian version of macaroons made with almonds, sugar and egg whites. Thee delightful dome-shaped cookies are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Their distictive bitterweet flavor has made them an Italian favorite for centuries. Traditionally, these cookies are served with a sweet dessert wine, but they are great with ice cream or sherbert too!

Baking Ingredients

My mother was a wonderful cook. My grandmother (her mother-in-law) was always after her to share her recipes and my mom was happy to help. She would tell my grandmother that she needed a stick of butter and my grandma would say, "Oh no! I couldn't possibly use regular butter, I'll substitute margerine". Then my mom would tell her that she needed whipping cream for her cream sauce and my grandmother would say, "Oh, I never use cream, I'll just use low fat milk". Their conversation and my grandmother's substitutions would continue throughout most of my mother's recipes. That was just the way it was between them. After grandma would try to recreate my mother's dishes, they just never tasted the same. "I don't know what I did wrong", she would complain. My mother would just smile patiently. Sometimes you can successfully substitute ingredients and sometimes you just can't. Generally speaking, if you start with fresh, high quality ingredients, you will create fantastic dishes that everyone will really enjoy!

Cannoli Shells

We get cannoli shells from a couple of companies on the east coast. They are tube-shaped horns that are used to create one of the most delightful Italian dessert specialties; the cannoli. Ricotta cheese is whipped into a sweet cream and then it is forced into the shells which are then topped with powdered sugar.


From figs to rum babas, we carry a wonderful variety of desserts to compliment any meal. We import the Bonomi all-in-one desert packages that can be prepared in a flash! Greek pastries are filled with ground nuts and honey. What a delightful treat!

Packaged Cookies

Italians love their dolce, or sweets. Lazzaroni, Loacker, Cookies con Amore, Perugina, Bonomi are just a few of the top quality brands we carry. We also bake a huge variety of cookies ourselves. If you would like to order freshly baked cookies, simply call us toll free at 800-507-0450 and we will be happy to help you place an order.


Panettone is a sweet bread typically made with candied fruit and raisins that has become an Italian tradition around the holidays. Memories of the heavenly aroma of toasted panettone early on a Christmas morning always make me smile and think of home. There is nothing quite like it and it is hard to beat our selection!


Panforte is Italian fruit cake and literally means strong bread. It is actually more like a candy than a cake. Its distinctively chewy texture comes from mixing the fruit and nuts with a honey sugar syrup. It is hard to resist once melted chocolate and cocoa power are added. Even if you don't like traditional fruit cake, you'll love panforte!


Pandoro means golden bread in Italian and has been produced for the last several centuries. Originally, it was only made for the rich, it is even shaped like a tall crown. Light, spongy and delicious, once this delightful cake made its way to the masses, it soon became an Italian classic specialty cake. It is especially popular and available around the holidays, but we try to carry it all year long.
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