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Canned Beans

Want to add something new to your everyday salad? Try adding some garbanzo or kidney beans to our recipe for Italian dressing. Keep a few cans of cannellini in your cupboard to add to your ministrone soup.

Lupini Beans

Lupini beans have a unique flavor all their own. They are usually packed in brine should be rinsed before eating. Lupini are are very traditional bean that can be found on Italian tables like black pitted olives would be found on American ones. They have a tough skin so eating them is a bit tricky. They are round with a little button on one side. To eat them, you bite off the button, spit out the bit of skin and pinch the bean. The inside will pop into your mouth. Be careful, they are addictive and once you get the hang of it, they are tons of fun to eat!

Nuts and Seeds

Healthy, good for snacking, baking and cooking these are basic foods that should be part of any diet. Pignole (pine nuts) are used in tons of great recipes. They have been gathered for hundreds of years and are one of humaities most basic foods.

Dried Beans

Dried beans are very cost effective to ship and, like most foods found in their basic form, are very inexpensive to purchase. We sell our bulk beans by the pound so you can buy just what you need. They last for months if you keep them cool and dry.
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