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Antipasto and Seafood

Antipasto, appetizer, hors d' it what you like, it is often the beginning of a great meal or get together. A well planned antipasto sets the tone of your event. Idealy, it should tantalize your guests with the promise of what's to come. Add some wine and friends and you'll have an eventing to remember!


Beans are one of the mainstays of life. We carry both canned and dry. We also offer a line of beans imported from Italy. Look for our recipe for cannellini bean salad, it's terrific and a real crowd pleaser!


We carry wine, but we can't ship it. Not to worry! We have a lot of other drink choices however, including some that will help you digest your food better. Beware of the Italian bitters. Very traditional, they are a bit of an aquired taste.

Breadsticks and Crackers

Breadsticks are traditional and popular items here at Claro's. We carry the classic as well as the skinny grissini in many different flavors to compliment your favorite foods. Crackers can make of break the product you are sharing them with, selection of a suitable cracker or breadstick should be approached thoughtfully. Cracked wheat goes better with bright sharp cheddars, while earthy bready crackers go best with sharp provolone and olives. Of course, they are always good to eat by themselves too!


Sweets for the sweet! We carry torrone and hard candies from Italy, Perugina chocolates, and many different gift boxes of specialty candies. You can also call us directly at 800-507-0450 to order a gift basket of goodies. We'll assemble the basket with any selection you choose and we'll help to suggest items that may not even be on our website!

Cheeses and Salami

Very little of what we carry in our service deli is listed on our website. We literally handle hundreds of products from classics like mortadella, prosciutto, capocollo and salame to specialty turkeys and hams. Call us toll free at 800-507-0450 for more information about our full line of products. They are highly perishable, but if it is possible, we will do our best to get you the products you want.

Cookies and Panettone

We bake a lot of our own cookies and we also offer a terrific selection of packages. We carry specialty cookies for infants, fancy cookies for your guests and comfort cookies for just about anytime. Our panettone selection is excellent. Motta, Perugina, Alemagnia, La Florentine, Ferrara, Maina and Loison will be avalable this year. These semi-sweet specialty breads contain candied fruit and raisins. They are available year round, but the best selection can be found around during the holiday season.

Extracts and Oils

Games and Novelties

Gifts to Go

Herbs and Spices

International Specialties




Pasta, Polenta and Rice

Shirts, Hats and Aprons

Tomatoes and Sauce





Planting time! Start planning your garden today! We try to carry a lot of specialty seeds tht are not readily available anywhere else. Check your area for the best variety and planting time. We offer a cuple of kinds of eggplant, basil and oregano as well as some small specialty squash that is just fabulous. The roma tomatoes are succulent and sweet. Don't plant too much zucchini unless you want to sully the whole neighborhood!



My father loves to eat. Generally one pound of pasta feeds about four people. God Bless him, my father can put away one pound BY HIMSELF! Needless to say, he often suffers from acida (acid indigestion). Brisochi is a absolute necessity in any Italian household and it works great to relieve a bit of overindulgence. Just ask my dad! You would never know it now, but as a child I never wanted to eat. Fernet Branca is the tonic that is supposed to bolster the blood and promote good health for those who are a little on the weak side. Too high of alcohol for us to carry the original, but the brands we carry still do their job.
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